Update: Winter 2012

We've had some issues setting up a new webshop, since we came back from holiday, as the webshop software we used (which had since been updated) was very buggy and it didn't work as well as we wanted it to...

So, until we can find an alternative ecommerce package, that works for us, we've re-opened our eBay shop, which can be found here:

eBay shop

If there's a product you require which isn't listed, then please email us....and we'll add it to the listings.

New products:
We now have available cables from Audusa, Eupen and LAT - see our webshop for pricing and availabilty.

The Supra LoRad MD06-BS/SP 6-way surge-protected mains distribution block, suitable for UK 13 Amp cables - now in stock and shipping

We also now have new products from Supra, including:
The Supra "AnCo TV" co-ax cable - a high quality replacement cable to go between your TV aerial socket and your TV, VCR or set-top box, or from VCR/set top box to the TV itself.
The Supra AnCo component video cable - a higher quality version of the Award winning AV3 cable - and already a recipient of a What Hi-Fi 5 STAR review !
The factory terminated Supra LoRad 1.5 shielded mains cable is now available in a 4.0m length.

Best sellers:
We continue to sell significant volumes of the Supra HF100 HDMI/DVI cable - a 2nd generation High Def cable - which is usually required for connecting Sky High Definition and Telewest TVdrive Set-Top Boxes to HD Ready plasma's and projectors - and it's already a What Hi-Fi 5 STAR review winner.
Likewise, more and more AV receivers and DVD players are starting to support HDMI standards and with Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players due out soon, the need for good quality HDMI cables has increased - so don't be content with some "badged" Taiwanese cable - get yourself a proper European designed and manufactured HDMI cable!

Best deals:
We've also got some cracking deals on Supra's 1st generation HDMI and DVI cables - and we've tested them to ensure full compatibility with the 720p and 1080i High Definition resolutions from the above - so, time to bag a bargain if you just need a good quality HDMI or DVI cable - we only have a few choices of lengths and quantities are now limited - see the webshop "Special Offer" section for details.

regards, Jay & Tom

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